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About Us

Responsibly Curated Products.For Conscious Consumers.

Enabling Sustainability, Celebrating Indigenous Culture.

In 2023, AHANA by TORAJAMELO was established as a movement dedicated to driving the widespread adoption of responsible consumption, enabled by locally curated sustainable brands and products.We are not just a force for change, we are a digital platform that offers#Buybetter for individuals and businesses, and inviting all stakeholders to #Bethecatalysforchange!

Our Mission

At AHANA, our mission is to foster a sustainable future that respects the planet, uplifts marginalized communities, and celebrates local brands that champion sustainability. We are driven by a commitment to make conscious choices the new norm, and to prove that products can be both elegant and sustainable.

Our Service

As an online platform, we meticulously curate sourced collections of ethically produced brands and products from Indonesia. Each piece is a testament to the artistry, and heritage of Indonesia.Our platform enables individuals and businesses from all corners of the globe to explore, embrace, and buy into Indonesia's unique culture, while making better buying choices to help preserve the environment.

Respect For Our Communities

By purchasing on AHANA, stakeholders actively contribute to the support of fair trade practices. We believe that fair trade is not just a concept but a commitment to ensuring that the artisans and communities behind the brands we carry, receive fair wages and opportunities for a better life.

Measurable Positive Impact

At AHANA, our commitment to positive change is more than just a promise; it's a tangible reality. Here's how we've made a difference:

- In 2023, AHANA made its mark by touching the lives of 4244+ Indonesian artisans through our partner brands.
-To actively support and advocate for local NGOs and consultancy bodies, within the social, environmental and sustainability space, on their mission to enable change [Visit our Linkedin to explore our partner network of world changers]
- Seek and support indigenous communities through the TORAJAMELO Foundation, on a local and global level [Visit our Linkedin and Instagram to find out more]

This impact extends beyond numbers; it signifies the real-world change we're fostering in the lives of individuals and communities.

Embrace eco-friendly choices, #Govocalwithlocal and celebrate indigenous culture.Become part of our sustainable community and #Bethecatalystforchange.

Do good with AHANA.CO today!