"We at AHANA believe in slow-living. AHANA doesn’t believe in fast fashion, or throwing away items after they have started wearing out. We are therefore so excited to announce the launch of our new initiative, re-meloTM

What is re-melo?

re-melo is a lifetime after-sales service that provides new life for pre-loved AHANA items. As of now we are offering it for TORAJAMELO only. You can do this in several ways, including:
1. Fixing your items and extending their life-span
2. Upcycling your item to create new products
3. Donating them to be fixed and provided with new, loving homes

AHANA works directly with the customer to get creative in repairing your item, creating a one of a kind item, personalized just for you. This includes deciding how you would like to move forward with your item. Maybe you would like to include some patchwork to repair it, and add some character? Maybe your item needs to be repurposed, and you want to turn it into a new clutch bag? The possibilities are endless! Do note as of now only TORAJAMELO items are eligible for this.

Keep in mind:

1. Will need proof of purchase when making the repair request
2. Each repair request is reviewed on a case by case basis
3. Repairing the item may require a fee
4. If the item needs repair within 1 month of purchase and not caused by excessive usage, the item will be eligible for free of charge servicePlease contact us via our Whatsapp for more information."