Ikat Sa'dan S
Ikat Sa'dan S

Ikat Sa'dan S

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In the Sa’dan community, weaving is an important spiritual activity that is only conducted by women. There are 2 types of Sa’dan weaving techniques; ikat and non-ikat. The non-ikat weaving are: paramba, pamiring, paruki, pa’bunga bunga, and pa’borong borong. The colors for ikat weaving are obtained from natural sources. Red is obtained from the blending of mengkudu roots (Morinda citrifolia) and areca nuts (Areca catechu). The blue color is obtained from the tarum leaves (Indigofera tinctorial) and the black color is obtained from bilangte leaves (Homalanthus populneus). There are 32 indigenous peoples in Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi. Among others are Sa’dan, Kesu, Pangala, and Tikala communities. The Sa’dan community is famous for weaving products. The Kesu community is famous for carving. The Pangala and Tikala communities are famous for coffee production. The colors of Toraja are very distinctive, that is red, white, yellow and black. These colours represent the original belief of Toraja, that is Aluk To Dolo. Each color symbolizes an aspect of human life. The red color is a symbol of blood. The white color is a symbol of bone. The yellow color symbolizes divine grace and power, and the black color is a symbol of death


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